Ways To Spice Up Your Boring Kitchen Display Cabinets

Replacing an entire set of kitchen cabinets can be an expensive undertaking particularly when the cabinets are many. Outdated kitchen cabinets, though they may appear less attractive, often haven’t lost their ultimate functionality and need not be discarded. Instead of scrapping functional cabinets for a more contemporary design, update the already existing set for far less expense. The kitchen’s the heart of your home, so you should let anyone who enters it envy your decorating style. Inject a sense of interest and drama to your space by utilizing, at least, a section of your kitchen cabinetry for display, and afterward, go a notch higher to make them sparkle.

Light Them Up

Adding simple lighting to your display cabinets can bring depth and drama to your kitchen collectibles. Use soft colored light inside the cabinets to evoke a mod that offers a perfect match for the rest of your kitchen. You can opt for the simple traditional rope lights positioned inside the front trim or have a more efficient light source positioned by a professional electrician. This kind of lighting can boost the energy efficiency of your abode by serving as a dim night light.

Line Them

Add a cork lining to your kitchen display cabinets. Cork renders your cabinets skid resistant, so when your kitten invades your collectibles, you have some more traction on your side. Other materials that reveal attractive shelf liners include glass tiles, mirrored panels, bead board, vintage wallpaper and fabric applied with a spray adhesive. If you are reluctant to use these items directly to your cupboards, cut small pieces of luan to fit perfectly and cover those instead. Through this, you can quickly develop bottom and back decorative panels that you can easily adjust according to the season.

Frame Them Perfectly

If you meticulously cut out the centers of your kitchen cabinet doors and smoothen the frames, you can nail, glue or staple almost any new and unusual decoration in place. Use wood lattice, framed-out chicken wire, punched tin panels or tied-back café curtains. Add glass that has been stenciled, beveled, smoked, frosted or hand-painted. Position framed artwork or even brightly colored translucent acrylic panels in place of the cabinet doors that come with your ho-hum kitchen.

Build Them All the Way Up

Extend your kitchen display cabinets close to the ceiling and include an elaborate crown molding. This accords builder’s blah cabinets a custom yet elegant appearance that makes them appear as if they have been in place for ages. Alternatively, whitewash the entire assembly and glue on wooden appliques with a glaze applied to a French Country look on your cabinets. Drill small holes in your cabinet doors and embed colorful sea glass or marbles that glitter from the interior when you add flickering lights. In this way, the cabinet doors themselves transform into the display.

Kitchen cabinets boast of a prominent place in your kitchen, thus making a huge impact on the general feeling of the room. When the kitchen requires a visual update, focus on the cabinets first; even minor adjustments can trigger a new feeling without the need for extensive remodeling changes.