Waiheke Island Accommodation Specials – A Place to Stay for Everyone

It is unbelievable that a serene island and a holiday destination which also boasts of exotic wineries are all in one small place just 20Kms from Auckland, a busy international city. According to Lonely Planet’s Best Regions in 2016, Waiheke Island in New Zealand has been voted as one of the top holiday destinations in the world. Not only that, there are about 30 odd wineries in and around the island. And the more exciting prospect for an avid traveller is that he or she can find many Waiheke Island accommodation specials making the holiday worthwhile from every perspective.

So what’s Special about Accommodation in the Island

The run-of-the-mill holiday destination would be full of hotels, from the star rated ones to the budget ones for the travellers with a shoestring budget. In Waiheke Island, you may find many of these and much more in terms of options to stay. Also, there are the bed and breakfast types of accommodations. Interestingly, you can get apartments on rent in Waiheke Island much like the holiday rentals you get in some of the waterfront holiday destinations in Australia. There are also budget hotels for the weekend holidaying crowd, whose priority is more on spending quality outdoor time than to be concerned about the accommodation.

Apartments on the Waterfront

Each of these Waiheke Island accommodation specials offers something for everybody. One has to choose the type of place that one wants to stay in. If the apartment idea sounds good to you, explore the option in greater detail. These are normally rented out with full facilities, including Wi-Fi and TV and other provisions to make your stay comfortable. Even when you are back in the apartment, you can sit on the balcony or sit-out and see the beautiful views.

For the benefit of the backpackers, there are lodges that provide clean and hygienic accommodation close to the beaches, and these are very much sought after all through the season, which runs from October through until April. As is known, these are the summer months in these parts.

As you move up the chain, you can find the luxury hotels with all the attendant comforts and services. If you are travelling as a family and require larger accommodation, then try the holiday home rentals. These are large standalone bungalows, most of them right on the beach and with 4 or 5 bedrooms, where more than 10 people can sleep easily. Take your children along and make the holiday count in every sense of the word.

Picking the right one out of the Waiheke Island accommodation specials is not a big problem if you are a regular and know your way around. For the first timers, there are the websites full of information on whatever you wish to know. You could mail some of them your requirements and get a confirmation on the booking before you reach the Island. With the stay part put aside, you can really plan your holiday in Waiheke Island and enjoy it thoroughly.